Review: HANNA

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Amazing acting, amazing cinematography, amazing soundtrack, okay plot.

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I saw this film at the urging of a friend, though it didn’t take much to convince me. The movie blew away my expectations. All the acting was extremely strong, but Saoirse Ronan was astounding. And everything about her slightly other-worldly face was perfectly captured by the exquisite cinematography of this film. I could have watched the whole thing without sound, it was so beautiful. But to watch it without sound would have meant missing the truly remarkable soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers. And when I say remarkable, I mean one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard for a film. And the way it was cut with the scenes was PERFECTION. The plot was slightly uninspired, but I can somehow forgive this given the strength of all the film’s other aspects. Go see it. NOW. Seriously.